Hollywood's impact on the rest of the world

hollywood.jpg When you hear ”Hollywood”, what are your thoughts about that? The name Hollywood gives us associations about perfectness. We think about glamour, nice cars, big houses, a pool in the garden and stylists every day. We think about perfectness and dream about a life in Hollywood. In a life like this, you find no limits. Why is it so, that we want to be like all the superficial stars that appear in all the magazines and TV channels?

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Film industry:

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Since early 1900s it has been produced movies and this is the reason why Hollywood is so famous and well known. The big Oscar ceremony takes place in Kodak Theatre in the city. (Credit: http://no.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hollywood)

The Americans were very clever to make war-movies where they always were the winning part or movies that put them and their culture in a good light. In the last twenty years they have found out that this was not the right way to reach people in the rest of the world. Now they make movies based on true stories, which is real and not changed.
Hollywood sets the standard for how to make movies all over the world. They have a special recipe they use in the production, for example where the voltage point shall be.

Industry of beauty:


The industry of beauty in Hollywood involves a number of factors. For many peoples, glamour is the most important thing and we wonder; “do they have some normal day?” The big stars do daily go to their makeup artist and always wear the perfect look. They use thousands of dollars on their outer and plastic surgery is quite OK. Fifty year old people operate their bodies to get the look of a thirty year old woman. This is giving us a signal that it is normal to operate your body if you’re not satisfied with yourselves.

This leads to many negative things. We can’t make up our own opinions and let the stars decide about our life. The stylists create the fashion, and show us in all magazines what to wear. We read this, and suddenly are all our shoes, clothes, bags and sunglasses old fashion. We start the hunt for a new wardrobe, even though we like the clothes from last year quite well. We use a lot of money to follow the fashion, and some of us even use credit cards because we don’t have enough money available.

Our hairstyle is changing because the stars’ hairstyles change. If we have long hair, we cut it just because Victoria Beckham has removed her “false hair” and started a new trend. Victoria is one of the biggest role models, and has a lot of impact to young girls. Scary stories show us young ladies that have starved nearly to death because they want to look like her. Normal bodies are too fat for this industry, and this one of the reasons that a lot of girls are struggling with eating disorders. The famous people don’t take this seriously, and keep on talk to media about diet and exercise. Without a thought about the signs they send to these poor girls.



In Swedish and Norwegian television we can see the program called “Swedish Hollywood-wives, and Norwegian wives. Here’s someone who really has been affected. Their famous lives have done them to unknown individuals in the society. These women went from their home countries in young ages and established themselves in Hollywood. Anna Anka is well known among these wives. Her statements have shocked the Scandinavian people. For example is her opinion that she had to exercise to get a nice look for her husband. Another statement is that she is much better than anyone else, because she is famous and her husband has a lot of money.
Anna Anka and her group is great examples about what the Hollywood-life do with a persons mind.
TV-Shows produced in Hollywood are popular all over the world and therefore reach a lot of different people. For movie companies from other parts of the world, is the thought of settle in Hollywood, just like a come true.

Young people move to Hollywood hoping become something big:

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In the modern time girls have began to leave their homes in young ages hoping become something within move, music and fashion. They use all their money in to the journey to the other part of the world was the dangers show up behind every corner. They try to get a foot within different industries and began gradually to understand what this is about. Lot of them ends up in the porn industry and even more of them loose all they own. Some of them never come home and hiding in Hollywood for rest of their lives.
But we don’t have to forget that someone become a big success and get their dreams come true. You can find them, who really stand for what they believe in. Emma Watson from Harry Potter is a good example. She started as an actress in the first Harry Potter movie when she was only 9 year old. She became one of the best paid actress in the world.