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The environmental Decade (1970 – 1980 )
The Reagan Administration (1980 – 1988 )
The Georg H. W. Bush Administration (1988 – 1992)
The Clinton Administration (1992 - 2000)
Al Gore
The Bush administration (2001 – 2009)
The Obama administration 2009 à

Rachel Carson
Rachel Carson
“The more clearly we can focus our attention on the wonders and realities of the universe about us, the less taste we shall have for destruction,”

This word was written by the great Rachel Carson in 1954. This was in one of her many books, were she wrote about environmental dangers of uncontrolled use of pesticides.
Rachel Carson was one of the main persons in the action to make the USA involved in the modern movement to act against environmental threats.
Before the 1970s, Global Warming was not a common word in the American vocabulary. But on this time, when Rachel Carson started publishing her books, we could see a few people in the US, starting to change their attitude, and take in use words like Global Warming.
Protest movements were founded and we could see environmentalist actions, this led to
a drastic law – making to protect the environment in the US.
In 1972 you could see the first law, in order to make the pesticide DDT banned. Other laws to prevent air and water pollution were also enacted.
This was the start of what was named; Environmental policy of the United States.
The meaning with this policy at that time was to protect the environment for future generations while interfering as little as possible with the efficiency of commerce or the liberty of the people, and to limit inequity in who is burdened with environmental costs.
But progress comes rarely without barricades – money.
Money is one of the biggest problems when it comes to save the environment. In the 1970s, were the high costs associates to these regulations an important factor to brake the ante to protect the environment.Money is still
a problem in this decade.
Although America has limits within the economy, we can see great advance around the environment regulation
enhancement in water – and air quality, and in smaller control over dangerous waste.
Because of a bigger knowledge around the global warming, we’re missing a harder ante to limits greenhouse gas, and more focus on the energy policy.
The US has a pressure from political side (international and national) and environmental organizations.

Rachel Carson and the environment activist/environment organization should have the honour for the Environmental Policy of the US.


The environmental Decade 1970 – 1980
January 1st 1979: the holy date for all environments fighters.
President Nixon signed the National Environmental Act (EPA), and this was the beginning of the environmental decade. Later this year, Nixon created the Environmental Protection Agency.
Nixon managed also to put solid waste contaminants from agriculture, industry, mining, municipalities, and other were put under control.

The Reagan Administration 1980 – 1988
Ronald Reagan entered office openly hostile to environmental, protection and campaigned against harsh government regulation with environmental arena in mind.
Reagan reduced the EPA’s budget by 30 %, cuts the number of EPA employees, and appointed people at key agency positions who would follow the administration line. He meant that his environmental policy was a cooperative regulation, and not a stiff regulation. Under this administrate strategy relief, environmental lows were written and interpreted favourably for industry interests.

The Georg H. W. Bush Administration (1988 – 1992)
During the first period with the Bush administration we could see a mixture of innovation and restriction. He appointed the first environmentalist, William Reilly, to head the EPA, along with others strong environmental fighters.
In the beginning of the period with this administration considerable regulations was initially passed, but during his two last years in office they restricted severely regulation, and in 1992, a total freeze was put on new regulations.

The Clinton Administration (1992 – 2000)
This administration promised a change in the environmental policy. Al Gore and appointees such as Carol Browner in EPA and Bruce Babbitt were all encouraging form an environmental standpoint. Clinton and Gore argued that environmental protection and economic growth were not incompatible.
During the Clinton administration, the EPA’s budget was increased and much of the country’s natural resource was put under greater protection.

Al Gore
Al Gore
Al Gore

A generation later after Rachel Carson, a new man stands out. First we find him in the Clinton Administration, were he did an incredible work to make the environment policy better, and then he writes a book- An incontinent Truth. In this book he documented the imminent danger of global warming – which will lead to drastic changes in weather and in our world’s ability to uphold its populations. After his book, his ante in the administration and for his tireless effort to create awareness about the threat which had led him to campaign all over the world, he received the Nobel peace price in 2007. His message was that we needed to act NOW – and this is still the message.

The Bush administration 2001 – 2009
President Bush chooses to drop out from the Kyoto agreement – already now we understand that the environment policy to The US will change.
The Kyoto agreement contents no binding requirement for development countries to reduce the green gases, and the agreement would destroy the American economy: this was the reasons to why Bush chosen to drop out.
The Bush administration was negative to all initiative to regulation of carbon in the US. It came up
lots of suggestions to the congress, but the suggestions were not treated. The only positive we could find in the environmental policy from this period, was that EPA got the right to regulate emissions from cars.

Barack Obama
Barack Obama
The Obama administration 2009
Politicians and the environment “friends” were really happy when Barack Obama became the new president of the US in 2009.
The expectation is high to the new president.
We can’t see any acting jet, but we have heard great words and promises. The attitude has changed – and this is the first step in the right direction. It will take time to place the new administration.
The world needs USA in
a committing environmental agreement, and we need Obama to take a leading roll. Bush was conservative, restrictive and reserve, Obama on the other hand have environmental goals with great ambitions.
We hope Obama can corporative with Kina and EU.
Under the election in 2009, we could see that environment was
a low priority among the electors – this is a

Our Attitudes Need to Change
Our consumption of both products and fuels must be reduced, not least because more and more people all over the world have access to airplanes, cars and various products. In the USA there a shift toward a more environmentally friendly thinking Christian Conservative circles. Along with a new environmental drive in the White House with Barrack Obama, this may be just we need to US science an innovation onboard train for environmental change that matters.

Obama's climate promises
Cut the emisson with 80% from a 1990 - levle within 2050
Invest 150 million in renewable energy the next ten years. 15% of all energy shall be renewable within 2012
Grive for better energy effectiveness
Demand more text from oil company
Create 5. million new "green" place to work
Invest in more environmental common cars and fuel. One million hybrid cars on the motor road in 2012
Import a inland compulsory
Introduce a incumbent quota system werw the emission qouta will be given to the company who are willing to pay most
No searching after oil in artic areas
USA will take a leading rol within the international environmental arguments