Edward Theodore Gein (born august 27, 1906, died july 26, 1984)

- "I had a compulsion to do it."

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  • Edward Theodore Gein, also known as The butcher from Plainfield, is one of the most famous serial killer world wide.

  • He was the youngest of two brothers. His mother was an strict christian and had a bad influence on Edward.

  • Edward started his insane pattern by digging up corses, and he commited his first murder in 1954.

  • He was arrested for first-degree-murder but wasen't sent to prison because of his mental condition.

  • He died july 26, 1984 in a mental hospital in mendota.

  • He has been the inspiration for many horror movies.


Edward Gein was a serial killer who was born in the early 19th century. He grew up in Plainfield , Wisconsin with his ineffectual brother and his dominating mother. Edwards’s mother used to force the two of her sons to pray with her and praise the lord, at the same time she told her sons that females were the devil and that sex was sinful. Ed enjoyed babysitting because he could rely more on kids than adults. They were easier to communicate with then grown ups. He also thought badly about his mother and her vision. He also didn't like the influence she had on his brother. Edwards father died from a heartattack in 1940 and there is little information about him. So Edward, Henry and Augusta lived on their family farm and Edward worked there until his older brother died in 1944.In 1945 his mother died and Edward was a 39 year old bachelor who lived alone in his family’s farm and because of his mother Edward was completely unprepared to take care of himself at this stage of life. He was a thirty-nine year old man who was emotionally messed up caused by his mother influence.

Deaths in his family

May 16, 1944. A brushfire burned closed to the Gein’s farm. Edward and Henry (his brother) worked hard to extinguish it. After a while the brothers got away from each other. It got dark and Ed lost sight of his brother. When the fire was extinguished he reported his brother missing to the police. When the police came he pointed out the place were Henry was lying. The police were sceptical about the position to the corps when they found it. The grass it was lying on wasn’t marked by any fire and Henry also had bruises on his head. It was suspected that Ed had killed his brother but there was never any charges filed against him.

After that Ed lived alone with his mother. And she died December 26. 1957. At that time Ed lost his only friend. And he was all alone in the whole world.

The deadly obsession

After he was shut from the rest of the world people began to call him “weird old Eddie”. He locked himself inside his house and started to chase people who came near his house away.

Edward Gein had also started to develop a deeply unhealthy interest in the female anatomy , especially the intimate parts. He was immersed in the female body and he used all of his time to discover and explore in encyclopaedias , books on anatomy, pulp horror and pornography . He also developed an interest for the atrocities committed by the Nazis during the Second World War. Soon his interests were set to action when Ed started digging up corpses of women in the far-flung Wisconsin cemeteries. He would dissect this woman’s and keep some parts like heads , sex organs , livers , hearts and intestines . Then he would flay the skin of the woman and place it on a doll or even wear it himself. This gave him a lot of pleasure. Gein usually used the parts that particularly interested him, like the female genitalia.

The murders

At first Edward always used corpses , but eventually he went after fresh meat. He went after woman at the same age as his diseased mother such as 54-year old Mary Hogan who ran the local tavern in plainfield. She disappeared suspiciously in December 1954. Three years later a woman named Bernice Worden who ran the local hardware store disappeared. Bernice’s son, Frank was the sheriff deputy at that time. When he heard that “weird old Eddie” had been walking around in the town the day that Mrs Worden disappeared he took the sheriff with him and checked out Eddie’s house.

The sight that met the eye was unbelievable. In the woodshed Frank found the naked, headless body of Bernice Worden hanging from a meat hook.

“Her head and intestines were discovered in a box, and her heart on a plate in the dining room. The skins from ten human heads were found preserved, and another skin taken from the upper torso of a woman was rolled up on the floor. There was a belt fashioned from carved-off nipples, a chair upholstered in human skin, the crown of a skull used as a soup-bowl, lampshades covered in flesh pilled taut, a table propped up by a human shinbones , and a refrigerator full of human organs . The four posts on Gein's bed were topped with skulls and a human head hung on the wall alongside nine death-masks - the skinned faces of women - and decorative bracelets made out of human skin. The stunned searchers also uncovered a soup bowls fashioned from skulls, a shoebox full of female genitalia, faces stuffed with newspapers and mounted like hunting trophies on the walls, and a "mammary vest" flayed from the torso of a woman.[1] Gein later confessed that he enjoyed dressing up in his “homemade clothes”. It reminded him of his mother.

Last chapter of Ed's life

The number of diseased inside Gein’s “horror house” eventually landed at fifteen but he has admitted that he could not remember how many people he has killed.

The whole world learned the story about Edward Theodore Gein December 1957 when both life and time magazine printed the story.

November 21, 1957, Gein was found not guilty by reason of insanity. He was sent to the Central State Hospital for the Criminally Insane, a maximum-security facility in Tapupun, Wisconsin. And he was later transferred to Mendota State Hospital .

11 years after, Gein’s doctors determined that he was sane enough to stand trial. The trial started November 1968, and lasted for one week. He was found guilty of first-degree murder . But because of his mental condition, he spent the rest of his life in the mental hospital .

Edward Theodore Gein died july 26, 1984, At the age of 77 years old. His death was caused by respiratory and heart failure.

After his death

After Edward Gein died it was made numerous numbers of horror films after him. Fictional serial killers like Leatherface from T//exas chain saw masacre// (1974), Norman bates from //Psycho// (1959) and Jame gumb from //The cilence of the Lambs// (1988) are all made after him.





by Ane Børresen