McDonalds’s is the biggest foodservice retailer in the world. There are more than 32,000 restaurants in 117 countries, and every day they are serving more than 60 million people. About 75 % of all the restaurants in the world ore owned and operated by a local person.


McDonalds was founded in 1940, when the brothers, Dick and Mac McDonald started the first restaurant in California , USA. It was a typical drive-in with a large menu, and the costumers could have BBQ food in the car.
In 1948, they rebuilt their restaurant so that there could be some sort of “self-service” BBQ restaurant. The large menu had been reduced to only hamburger, cheeseburger, potato chips, several soft drinks, milk and a cookie.

A year later, they replaced the potato chips with French fries; they also introduced triple thick milkshakes on their menu.
In 1954 Ray A. Kroc became Dick and Mac’s franchise agent. Ray A. Kroc was a multi mixer supplier, which supplied the milkshake machine for the McDonald’s brothers. After a while he became curious about this business, so he began working with the brothers and their company.

In the fifties, Kroc starts the McDonald’s inc. that later became the McDonalds corporation, he also opened the first restaurant in Das Planes in Chicago, and the sale is on about 316 USD the first day. A year later Kroc hired a young boy, Fred Turner , to watch the checkout. After a while he became director of McDonald’s operations. He was the man behind the concept about quality, cleanness and service. Two years later, in 1958, McDonalds could announce that they had made 100 000 000 hamburgers. That wasn’t the top: a year after 100 000 000 burgers, they had the pleasure to open McDonald’s restaurant number 100, in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin, USA.

The year was 1961 when the logo with an M becomes McDonald’s official logo. The same year Ray Kroc bought the whole company for 2.7 million USD.
In 1962 Kroc opened the first indoor serving restaurant in Denver, USA. And a year after; restaurant number 500 opens Toledo, USA.
To celebrate its 10th anniversary (1965) Kroc sold his first official share, priced to 22.5 USD.

McDonalds showed their first TV commercial in 1966. The commercial introduced Ronald McDonald that became a huge hit, to kids all over the world.

They opened the first international restaurant in Canada and Puerto Rico in 1967.

Kroc introduced the first big-Mac in 1969; the world had never seen anything similar. The menu had also got a new dessert, the hot apple pie. The same year McDonalds became a symbol of America because they delivered McDonald’s food to the American Olympic participants. And the restaurant number 1000 opened in Des Plaines, USA.

1974 is the year when the first Ronald McDonald house was built next to a hospital; it was founded by the local McDonalds by request from a football player on Philadelphia Eagles that had Children lying on the hospital.

In 1975 the first McDrive was opened in Sierra Vista , USA. The reason for the idea was because soldiers from Fort Huachuca were not allowed to leave the military vehicle.

Happy meal was introduced in the menu in 1979.

McDonalds celebrated that it was 25 years since the first McDonalds opened in Europe (Munchen, Germany ), than there were about 6000 restaurants. This was in 1980, but two years before: the first Japanese McDonald was opened in Kanagawa (restaurant number 5000)

The 14th of January 1984 Ray Kroc dies, and the next year the first restaurant in das Plaines are rebuilt to a museum. Today it is named McDonalds #1 Store museum.

In 1987 the menu got news, namely fresh salad. It was a success!
Five years later (1992), it opened a new McDonald’s restaurant every 14th hour.

In 2003 McDonald’s slogan “I’m lovin’ it” is lanced. Justin Timerlake sang the theme song of McDonald’s.
McDonalds could celebrate 50 years in 2005. It was counted in excess 30 000 restaurants in the world, 65 of them in Norway.

Scale of the price history

nminimum | average | maximumn$ 0.90 | $ 20.26 | $ 65.95nMonday, Mar 24, 1980 |   | Monday, Aug 11, 2008
nminimum | average | maximumn$ 0.90 | $ 20.26 | $ 65.95nMonday, Mar 24, 1980 | | Monday, Aug 11, 2008

This is an scale of the price history for the last 30 years for the average meal.


In 1965 American children knew Ronald McDonald better than the president of the United States.

McDonalds use around 25 million kilos apples based on one year.

McDonalds’ logo is the third most known logo in the whole world, only hit by Coca-Cola and the cross (religion)

The M logo was not meant to be an M, but a profile of the roof of the first restaurant.

In Singapore people can have McDonalds food brought home. This service is named McDelivery and is open 24 hours a day the whole year.

McDonald’s earn about 23.5 billion USD a year, and only in USA alone 9.9 USD.

In the whole world there are about 1.5 million employers in the world.

Only in Brittan they have sold so many fruit bags that it corresponds to the population of New York City.

In Sweden they have introduced McSki. You can have your supper while skiing.

McDonald's for Charity!

The year was 1974, and the daughter of a professional football player named Fred Hill got leukemia, or blood cancer. Fred and his wife Fran Hill camped out on the benches and waiting rooms on the hospital during the three years of treating their little three years old daughter.

The Hills watched other families with ill children do the same thing, and other who had to travel even longer to treat the diseases, and sometimes they had to leave them because their economy didn’t stretch for hotels and so on.
Fred understood that this was not the way it was supposed to be, so he spoke to the head of the pediatric oncology unit at
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia , and together they raised a fund directed by the Philadelphia eagles, that was the team Fred played for.

The local McDonald under the direction by Jim Tuckerman was enlisted by the manager of the Eagles, and with the support the first Ronal McDonald house became a reality.

Dr. Evan, the head of the hospital, described the opening of the Ronald McDonald house as a dream come true; a comfortable temporary residence for families of children being treated at her hospital.

The Ronald McDonalds house is a place where the family of sick children can live very cheap and can enjoy home-cooked meals every day, private bedrooms and playrooms for children. And in some other houses there may be these kinds of services:

Accredited education programs
Recreational activities
Non-clinical support services
Sibling support services
Special suites for children with suppressed immune systems

They don’t have to pay anything but if they want to and can afford it they can donate up to 25 dollars each day, which is really cheap for the standard of the houses.


At McDonald’s you will get the chance to order different kinds of BBQ menus.
They offers you wide variety of high-quality, great tasting menu options. At McDonald’s you can choose well-balanced and delicious meals from McDonald's menu by mixing and matching choices.
They doesn’t only have Hamburger meet and chicken mc nuggets, they also have a lot of salads and other healthy cost.

This is some options you can choose between, when you order at McDonald’s:

Big Mac Menu – One Big Mac burger, pomes frites and soda to drink
Happy meal – One happy meal burger, pomes frites, juice and some carrots

Chicken Mc Nuggets Menu – Choose between three, six ore nine nuggets and some soda to drink

Crispy Chicken salad – Some Crispy Chicken bites, salad and soda to drink

Their new and famous Dessert is McFlurry.
This is a cup of ice cream mixed with Non Stop, Daim, O’boy, crushed Cookie, ect…

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